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Points for Summary (Fit or Fat)

1 mark for each correct point up to 8 marks                                                                [8]

devised a national heavyweight programme called Trim & Fit (TAF),
which focuses on physical activity and proper nutrition.
Health fairs, talks and exhibitions are conducted in schools.
School canteens are discouraged from serving aerated or sweetened drinks.
as well as foods that have high fat, sugar or salt content.
Children are also encouraged to consume fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
Obese students are referred to nutrition clinics.
Parents of obese children have to attend workshops on healthy diets and good eating habits.
In order to encourage parents to look out for their children’s health,
the Ministry of Education has linked a child’s academic performance to his health and weight.
In Hong Kong, health seminars and weight-loss programmes have been implemented in hospitals for obese children.
Obese children are also recommended for courses by their doctors. 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Singapore Budget 2013

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I strongly urge you to read the budget documents and critically think about how it would affect your family and you in the new financial year.

The following links is from AsiaOne and serves as a springboard for you to find out more.

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Genetically Modified Food - Dylaine, Esther, Jemaimah, Dawn & Kai Chek

Jee Hoon's Introduction

As technology and science advances, man’s activity has increased rapidly throughout the history, making our lives to be more comfortable. Such activities requires to burn fuel to create energy to turn machines. The gases exhausted from such activities are greenhouse gases, which affects the average temperature of the world. This process may contribute to the rapid climate change, which is a phenomenon where climate of different parts of the world changes. However, mankind should not be accused for climate change.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Introduction - Jemaimah

Climate change has been occurring for many years. Many of these changes have an enormous impact on our planet's population and environment. Average global air temperatures are already higher than the past temperature a few years back. It had risen about 1.1 degree Fahrenheit over just the last 30 years. Global warming has caused this changes. As well as the combustion of fossil fuels and deforestation for the needs of the people. Therefore, mankind are responsible for the climate change.

Luke's Introduction

Change in the earth’s climate has taken place drastically over the years. Over many years, there have been activity contributing to this through changes in the environment such as human release of chemicals and gases. Global warming, one of the areas in climate change, is one of the most important problems that has been an ongoing problem for our human society. Humans have released greenhouse gases and chemicals into the environment which slowly collect into the atmosphere. These contribute to one of the most adverse and problematic effects of climate change in our world. Hence, this shows that humans are greatly responsible for climate change.
Man Should Not Be Blamed for Climate Change

Climate change has been bothering politicians and scientists for the better part of the last few decades. However, should all the blame be pushed to Man only? The main cause of climate change is largely attributed to the fact that mankind has been using too much of the Earth's resources, and like all things, these resources are limited. As of 2012, the total human population is 7 billion. From 1999's total of 6 billion as compared to 1804's 1 billion to 1927's 2 billion, the growth of the population is growing rapidly fast. So fast, that the Earth may not be able to handle the growth. As the population grows, the demand for everything rises, including Earth's finite resources. So is this rapid growth Man's fault? Everything has an "expiry date", and when the time comes for Man to be wiped from the face of Earth, who are we to say no?

Introduction- Enoch

Is Man to be blamed for climate change?

One of Man’s most primitive ways of keeping warm was the burning of firewood. This was one of the earliest forms of pollution as it released pollutants and greenhouse gasses into the air. These pollutants and greenhouse gasses introduced caused heat to be trapped within the earth’s atmosphere, causing what is known as Global Warming which leads to climate change. However, Man cannot be faulted for this as it was merely done for his survival though it has caused other adverse effects on planet earth. Thus, I believe that Man is not to be blamed for climate change as Man’s actions were done for his survival, and that Man’s advancement in technology has allowed the inventions of clean renewable energy. 

Introduction - Balram Sharma (#7)

The world has faced drastic changes in the years since the Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries occurred. Perhaps one of the changes that will affect us the most in the near future is climate change, or in particular, global warming. Global warming has lasting impacts on the planet's environment, and is, therefore, one of the most widely-discussed topics in this day and age. It is caused by various factors, including human activity. Many scientists, having conducted extensive research pertaining to the phenomenon, are of the opinion that human activity is the predominant cause of climate change, however, many other people firmly believe that global warming is a natural process, and that certain scientific discoveries are inaccurate. As I see it, man is, in fact, responsible for climate change, to a major extent, but cannot be blamed fully for climate change.

-Introduction (Sheares)

There have been drastic changes in the environment ever since humans have started their age of rapid progress. The rapid industrialisation of the world has caused a gigantic amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, causing climate change. For the sake of progress, humans have blatantly ravaged the environment and resources of the earth, speeding up the natural process of climate change. Thus humans should be blamed for climate change.

Kashyap's Introduction

The world has changed drastically ever since the industrialization era began. Global warming is the greatest challenge that our planet is facing and is one the most current and widely discussed topics around the globe. It has far reaching impact on biodiversity and climate conditions of the planet and several current trends clearly demonstrates that global warming is directly impacting on sea-levels the melting of ice-caps and many other significant climate changes. In this climate changing era it is important to determine the culprit, is it humans or just natures way of life? My stand is it is just natures way of life.

Introduction- Sim Bowen

The environment has changed drastically over the last few centuries. The rapid industrialisation of countries has resulted in a magnitude of emissions not known to earth before the reign of men.In many countries, the concept of global warming is a important yet low priority issue to their governments. In my opinion, man is and will continue to be the main cause of global warming.

Introduction : Chung Yi De

Due to climate change, natural disasters are happening more and more frequently in recent years. To make it worst, they have become more dangerous and volatile than the previous ones. Climate change has got severe dire consequences which would lead to the destruction of Earth, our home. Studies have shown that these are due to a steadily increasing climate change, which are caused by Man. Man’s excuse of ‘developing the country’ has led to deforestation and burning of fossil fuels. This has caused many greenhouse gases to be released, which would be the cause of climate change. leading to destruction of the environment on earth.


Is the idea of having one partner for life still a realistic one?
  Matthew 5:32-But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: an whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery. This quote from a religious text is proof that having only a single partner for life is deeply imbued into the cross-sections of cultures. Accepted as the strictly followed dogma in the past, this is no longer considered as a rule. In my opinion, this value is not possible to be upheld due to changing situations spouses are put through.

Man Should Be Blamed for Climate Change - Dylaine

Recently, President Obama of the United States (US) has been offered a proposal to build an approximately 3000 kilometre pipeline in the country, which is estimated will carry oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. According to the proponents, this could create many much-needed jobs and increase energy production in the US. However, the resources that will be used to manage the pipeline will create more greenhouse gases, which are more than that of conventional crude oil. There is no doubt that climate change really is because of Man's actions, as the crude oil piping is due to Man's living standards increasing over the years. Climate change is the change in weather conditions due to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that traps the heat and causes change in weather patterns. In my opinion, Man is to be blamed for climate change due to rapid consumption of fossil fuels, deforestation in developing countries and an increase in production of goods and the improvement of standards of living.

Introduction: Guo Jin

Global warming is trapping of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere thus making the atmospherical temperature of Earth hotter, which leads to climate change. Whenever any type of greenhouse gas is produced, such as carbon dioxide and methane, it absorbs the heat we receive from the sun, and trap the heat from it inside, without letting it escape. In other words, our atmosphere, which contains the greenhouse gases acts like a blanket; it absorbs heat from the sun, and prevents the heat inside from escaping from the earth's surface. If the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increases, more heat would get trapped, and thus leading to the increasing temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. This phenomenon of increase in the average temperature of the Earth is called global warming. However, man is not entirely to be blamed for climate change. We are merely giving out greenhouse gases for our survival, and these amounts are not even that fatal.

Introduction - Chen Hao Xian (Edited)

2012 marks the warmest on record for US, which parched 61 per cent of the nation, destroyed crops worth billions and slowed shipping on the mighty Mississippi River as water levels reached historic lows and glaciers had retreated much further in during summer in Greenland. Climate Change refers to the change in climate change whether it is for the better or for the worse, but recent studies have shown that the adverse effect of climate change to the world is getting more and more extreme over the years.. There is no doubt that human has caused the climate to change with the release of so much greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. As such, I believe that man is to be blame for climate change through selfish acts such as deforestation, industrialisation and poor management of land resources.

Introduction Paragraph: Jerome Heng

Mankind is to blame for climate change. Do you agree?

In the past century, the temperature of the world has been slowly increasing. This is an example of one of the dire consequences of climate change. Due to increased research on the causes of this phenomenon, scientists have deduced that it is due to several human activities, such as deforestation and industrialization. However, some people still believe in climate change being natural, and that these scientific findings may be inaccurate. In my opinion, climate change is too fast and unnatural to be considered a natural phenomenon, and man has to take responsibility for it.

Man Should be Blamed for Climate Change - Esther

In the recent years, natural disasters are occurring more frequently. In addition, they have become more extreme than the previous one. Studies have shown that these occurring are not natural distress, rather, indirect impacts of how Man have contributed to the rise of Climate change. Man’s selfish ways of ‘development’ has led to activities that involve the change in land use like deforestation or farming. This would further harm earth in the process.

Sample Conclusion

*QN: Air travel should be discouraged, not promoted. To what extent do you agree?
     [TD] To conclude, [stand] by and large, air travel should be promoted, not discouraged. [summary] The air transport industry is an innovative industry that drives economic and social progress. With technological breakthroughs and the increased capacity to fly more people at increasingly cheaper prices, the popularity of air travel will only continue to grow. [closing line] With all these in mind, it is hardly sensible or even possible for us to discourage the continued expansion of this exciting and beneficial industry.

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Introduction Paragraph

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Please remember to refer to your PEEL assignment and the requirements of the introduction paragraph we went through in class. Thereafter, craft your very own introduction in response to your PEEL assignment and post it onto this blog.

We will then critique your works in class on 20 Feb, Wednesday.

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Podcast: Bowen, HaoEn, Sheares, Sherman, YiDe

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