Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Man Should Be Blamed for Climate Change - Dylaine

Recently, President Obama of the United States (US) has been offered a proposal to build an approximately 3000 kilometre pipeline in the country, which is estimated will carry oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. According to the proponents, this could create many much-needed jobs and increase energy production in the US. However, the resources that will be used to manage the pipeline will create more greenhouse gases, which are more than that of conventional crude oil. There is no doubt that climate change really is because of Man's actions, as the crude oil piping is due to Man's living standards increasing over the years. Climate change is the change in weather conditions due to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that traps the heat and causes change in weather patterns. In my opinion, Man is to be blamed for climate change due to rapid consumption of fossil fuels, deforestation in developing countries and an increase in production of goods and the improvement of standards of living.

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