Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Introduction: Guo Jin

Global warming is trapping of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere thus making the atmospherical temperature of Earth hotter, which leads to climate change. Whenever any type of greenhouse gas is produced, such as carbon dioxide and methane, it absorbs the heat we receive from the sun, and trap the heat from it inside, without letting it escape. In other words, our atmosphere, which contains the greenhouse gases acts like a blanket; it absorbs heat from the sun, and prevents the heat inside from escaping from the earth's surface. If the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increases, more heat would get trapped, and thus leading to the increasing temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. This phenomenon of increase in the average temperature of the Earth is called global warming. However, man is not entirely to be blamed for climate change. We are merely giving out greenhouse gases for our survival, and these amounts are not even that fatal.

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