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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sherman's visual text analysis

Image: On a bench , there is a seal lying on it, covered by a newspaper.
This is shown in the exact middle of the picture, with a background of a typical neighborhood.

Linguistic features:  Beside the “homeless seal”. There is a tagline that says “You can help, stop global warming”, it is carved or printed on recycled material. This shows the results of what if global warming were to continue.

Textual features: The text is in capital letters, which enforce the importance of the situation.

Typographical features: A text below says “Animals around  the world are losing their habitats due to climate change. By turning off you TV, stereo and computer when not using them, you can help prevent this. Take action right now.” It also shows a panda, which is the logo for WWF, World Wildlife Fund, an organization that works on issues regarding the conservation of the environment.

Layout: The focus of the advertisement (the seal) is large to intrigue curiosity In the public. When people analyze the advertisements more, they will realize the seal is lying on a bench and covered by a newspaper, like how homeless people live on the streets. This image emphasize on the text at the bottom to “take action right now”

Colour: The background is mainly grey in colour, while the bench is brown. This allows the seal to stick out from the background.
Purpose: The purpose of this advertisement is to educate people that animals are losing their habitats due to human activity and encourage them to practice  preventive measures.
It wants to promote a better living environment for the wildlife on earth.

Audience: The audience could be everyone in the world, as humans and animals share the same home planet.

Context: Animals are losing their habitats at an alarming rate, this advertisement is to ask the audience to take preventive measures immediately before animals lose their habitats.

Culture: Endangering animal life , intentional or otherwise, is not well received by the public, this generates organizations like WWF to alert and warn the people to stop what they are doing as it is impossible to correct their mistakes in the future.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Visual Text Analysis — Aziel

Image (picture)
There is a glass of water in which it looks as if ink has been dropped into it. There is text to the right of the ink, and the text is upside down. On the top of the poster, there is small text that is upside down as well. The only thing that is not upside down is the WWF logo and the glass itself. When the poster is turned upside down, it can be seen the way the ink blob-thing looks like a mushroom cloud which many people know are present during explosions, most commonly during an explosion created by a nuclear bomb. The ink seems to represent pollution.

Linguistic Features (word choice)
The text in the picture says, "Polluted river water kills as many people as a nuclear explosion." The text is merely stating facts in an objective manner, and relates river pollution to nuclear explosions. Nuclear explosions are stereotyped to usually cause much more harm than river pollution. This text states that river pollution is just as bad as a nuclear explosion, and the word choice would cause people to not think so superficially of river pollution and to think twice of the consequences before contributing to polluting rivers.

Textual Features (distinctive parts of text; sections)
There are only two instances of text in this poster. The first text that the viewers would be drawn to first would be the text right beside the glass. The text is in a clean, easy to read font, and is upside down. The viewer would find a way to tilt their vision upside down to read the text, and in doing so notice how the ink blob in the water looks like a mushroom cloud in a nuclear explosion. The other instance of text in the poster would be the small captions on the top. In most WWF posters and most clean posters such as this in general, the small captions would be placed at the bottom. However, the caption is placed at the top for this picture. The caption contains information for the viewer to take action. The caption is placed at the top of the poster, upside down, showing similarities with the main text that viewers would be first drawn to. This shows similarity and increases the poster's visual harmony as a whole.

Typographical Features (design, logo, brand)
The typographical features found in this poster are the two instances of text as well as the WWF logo. The font used for both texts (not including the logo) are clean and simple. The typeface used is a type of sans serif, lacking serifs as its name suggests. The typeface for the WWF logo is bold.

Layout (presentation)
The poster is presented cleanly; the only items on the poster not inclusive of the text and logo being just the glass in a plain, white background. Also, the text is in a simple font, and the poster as a whole is simplistic and clean. 

Colour (Black and White or etc.)
There are no colourful objects in the poster that has colours outside of black and white, and there is no obvious colour variation, so the poster can be considered as black and white in a way. Despite this, it does not seem as if the poster was meant to be black and white—just that its elements happen to be. 

PACC — Purpose, Audience, Context, Culture

The poster's purpose is to discourage people from polluting rivers or contributing to river pollution.

People who live close to rivers or potentially throw rubbish in river water.

A recent realisation of the full extent of the damage polluted river water has caused has motivated people to take action and stop others from polluting the rivers so that there would not be such a great consequence.

The culture of certain people who live near rivers is most likely to treat the river as their own rubbish bin and thus pollute the river by throwing their litter there.

Visual Text Analysis - Dylaine

The poster shows three small birds at the bottom of the poster with their mouths open, appearing to be hungry. At the top of the poster is a large bird which body is adorned with many flags of countries.

Linguistic Features
In the large bird's beak, there is a string of words saying 'promises are not food'.

Textual Features
In 'promises are not food', it emphasizes that words ('promises') do not necessarily mean action ('food').

Typographical Features
'Promises are not food' is arranged into the shape of a worm, which is supposedly 'food' for the hungry birds. There is also a 'WE CAN END PROVERTY 2015-MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS' text at the bottom right corner of the poster, which refers to a set of goals called the Millennium Development Goals that aim to decrease and possibly get rid of poverty in the world by 2015.

The smaller birds are hungry nations, placed at the bottom of the poster and intentionally sized smaller than the large bird to emphasize their lack of power and strength to obtain food. On the other hand, the larger bird is meant to be the rest of the world, depicted with a huge body and wings, which show its power and mightiness to be able to send food to the hungry nations. However, it does not carry real food for the worms, but a worm-like structure of promises.

The black and white contrast of the poster draws the reader's attention due to its stark contrast.

Yi De's visual text analysis

A lone man(Tom Cruise) walking silently, with a fallen bridge behind him

Linguistic  Features 
On the top of the whole poster, there is a phrase 'Earth is a memory worth fighting for.' It shows what the plot is most likely going to be centered around, and usually people say Earth is a place worth fighting for, but this time they replaced 'place' with 'memory' showing that this movie has more to it than meets the eye.
Textual Features
Tom Cruise is the second largest text, other than the movie name. Tom Cruise is a very very famous actor in America, and having Tom Cruise as the lead for this movie will surely attract a lot of revenue for the movie.
There's also smaller text below the poster that reads 'From the director of Tron:Legacy and producers of 'Rise of the Planet of Apes' which will further attract people to watch the movie.

Typographical Features
The design of the poster is very futuristic and at the bottom of the poster there is a logo, composing of a shield and the word 'UNIVERSAL' The logo refers to the distributor of the movie, it shows that the distributor of the movie distributes all kinds of movies due to the word 'universal'

There is a big bridge behind a lonely man Tom Cruise, showing that he's a lone man, on a lone mission. This layout will further catch people's attention, as it has a very silent and gloomy vibe to it, and emphasizing on how cool Tom Cruise is and will be in the show

The colour is made with gloomy and dark colours to show a very solemn atmosphere and possibly the setting of the movie, with a sunset or sunrise from the right of the poster, meaning that all hope is not lost in this dark setting.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Visual Text Analysis - Jerome Heng

A depiction of a dengue mosquito (identified by its distinctive white and black legs), with an inflamed abdomen containing several people, who are most likely victims of dengue. It can be seen that these people are screaming in pain. The mosquito is situated against a relatively dark and gloomy background.

Linguistic features
At the top of the poster, there are two lines of text, 'Stop dengue' and 'Act now'. These phrases indicate the urgency of the problem and the importance of immediate action. At the bottom of the poster, there are the phrases 'Do the 5-step mozzie wipeout' and 'our lives, our fight'. These also represent a call to action.

Textual features
Phrases in the poster use a bold text, with every letter in uppercase. This is meant to capture the attention of the viewer and to bring across a sense of urgency about the situation.

Typographical features 
At the bottom of the poster, there are 5 images showing ways that can be used to prevent the breeding of dengue mosquitoes. This is to give a brief overview of what one can do after being persuaded to take action by the poster. Beside the images, there is also the logo of the anti-mosquito movement, which is a dengue mosquito situated against some skin with a red bar crossing the image diagonally.

The enlarged abdomen of the mosquito with people trapped inside appears to be grotesque, and is able to attract attention from viewers. As people examine the poster in greater detail, they can observe that the people are actually screaming and are suffering in great pain. This emphasises the negative impact dengue can bring to one's family. Also, the five images depicting how to stop dengue at the bottom of the poster give a brief overview of how to prevent dengue, without using a lot of text to describe the methods in detail.

The colour of the mosquito's abdomen is red. This signifies the blood that the mosquitoes suck from their victims. The faces of the victims who are trapped in the abdomen are also tinted red. This brings out the pain and suffering felt by the victims. The colour of the phrase 'stop dengue' is red, and the colour of the other phrase 'act now' is white. The colour of 'act now' helps to emphasise the call to action, and standout among the red and black of its surroundings.

Purpose: The purpose of this poster is to raise awareness about the effects of dengue on the public, and to convince them to take immediate action to combat the threat of dengue. 

Audience: The public of Singapore, as most members of the public are able to carry out the actions prescribed by the poster to combat dengue. This shows that the poster was targeted towards a general, public audience.

Context: There have been many recent cases of dengue in Singapore, and the number of cases are gradually increasing. This poster was released as part of a programme by the National Environment Agency to combat this rising trend of dengue.

Culture: The dengue mosquito is easily recognizable and a common threat in Singapore. However, some people are still hesitant to take action to combat dengue and the poster is required to persuade them to do so.

Balram's Visual Text Analysis


A parked aircraft in a large, showroom-like area with floodlights concentrated on it. The text placed above the aircraft convey the gist of the advertisement, while a short paragraph placed below the aircraft, near the bottom of the poster, provides additional details pertaining to, in this case, the aircraft's commendable commercial success.

Linguistic features

The phrase "The 5000th 737" illustrates the popularity of the aircraft, while phrases such as "it's become the best-selling commercial jet airplane in the history of aviation" and "a resounding vote of confidence from...more than 200 airlines and 12 billion passengers" support this concept.

Textual features

The title phrase is in all-capital letters, to draw attention to that portion of the advertisement, while the longer description is in white, which contrasts with the dark blue background upon which the text is set.

Typographical features 

Near the bottom of the advertisement, the logo of the manufacturer of the aircraft depicted, Boeing, can be found. This gives the advertisement a professional, endorsed and refined appearance, and assures viewers that it is official material.


An aircraft - or, to be exact, a Boeing 737 - is the subject of the advertisement, and thus, a large image of one on the ground is in the center of the advertisement. A reflection of the aircraft can be found on the surface it is "resting" on, suggesting a showroom floor and hence, a brand-new aircraft. Floodlights provide a sensation of a major event, with the 737 in the limelight. 


Various shades of blue are used extensively, as Boeing's corporate colors are made up of these different shades of blue. The color blue also symbolizes the sky, which is, of course, the primary operating environment of an aircraft. Hints of violet and indigo are reminiscent of the color of the sky at twilight, suggesting that the aircraft is versatile enough to operate at any time of the day. The color also gives the advertisement a sophisticated appearance.

Purpose: The purpose of this poster is to bring the commendable commercial success of the Boeing 737 to the attention of potential customers (i.e. airline executives), as well as the general flying public. By highlighting the aircraft's success, the poster aims to convince airline executives to place orders for the aircraft, as well as to convince the public to fly in the aircraft if possible.

Audience: The audience is the 737's potential customers (i.e. airline executives) as well as the aircraft's potential passengers.

Context: With increasing competition int eh market, Boeing has had to defend its position as the world's most successful commercial aircraft manufacturer, against the likes of Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier Aerospace. This poster was created to provide publicity for, and ultimately increase sales of, the Boeing 737.

Culture: In this day and age, almost everybody travels by air at some point in his or her life. In the developed world, the vast variety of choices, in terms of airlines and aircraft, means that not only airlines, but even aircraft manufacturers have to persuade potential passengers to choose their aircraft over others. The rapidly-expanding airlines of the world must also be persuaded, as only then can large, multi-billion-dollar orders be placed.

Poster analysis - Chen Hao Xian

Image: it shows a picture of a quater build bench. It is not even half conpleted and consist only of two wooden planks and its framework. On the right side of the bench, there is a great orange sign. The bench covers almost fhe entire poster, easily emphasising in its significance. The poster is clearly telling people to save resources otherwise we will regret it later,  the half completed bench already shows that there are not enough resources to make the bnch fully and tell us to conserve them.

Linguistic features: The text use consist of the phrase,  use only what you need. With the company logo found below it. The advertisment main purpose is to publicised ghe company and to also tell viewers to save resources. This message is back by the way the bench is portray.

Textual features: The text is big and bold.

Typography features: The text is bold and has a extremely large font over a orange background. The text color is also white making it very striking in the background. It is exteemely easy to see how important the text as it is heavily emphasise.  Seeing that this poster promotes the company too, the company logo is also portray in the same way albeit smaller

Layout : the bench covering almost the entire poster,  can easily be inferred that the bench is the main subject.

Colour: The white text over the orange background make it easy to see and is heavily emphasise.

Purpose: To tell people to use only what you need to conserve the environment. It also serve to promote the company.

Charlene's Visual Text Analysis

A tourist in the airport dragging a small looking luggage behind her, blood flows from the luggage as she walks.

Linguistic Features
The word that were picked are simple and efficient at passing the message to the viewer.

Textual Features
It is in white, a contrast to the darker flooring thus emphasizing it while letting it not to be an eyesore or taking the viewer's attention too much.

Typographical Features
The logo is simple and is can be related to the WWF cause, to save animals. At the same time, it is vague enough to fit more situations.

The blood leading up to the lady creates a sense of movement. It first attracts the viewer with the red blood, then when the viewer follows the red path in an attempt to find out what is the cause of the blood, it would lead to the lady and her belongings. The lady stands at the right of the poster.

Red is the most dominant color here. It gives us a sense of violence and entice the viewers to continue looking at the poster.

This is to show how buying exotic animal souvenirs should be avoided as the process of acquiring it maybe violent and may be detrimental to the species survival

The audience are tourist whom are unaware of how their purchase of the exotic animal souvenirs could be harming the species.

Exotic animals are hunted down to make souvenirs for tourist. This problem is causing them to become endangered the only way to stop this is to stop the demand for the souvenirs.

Killing of endanger animals is generally not acceptable but despite the laws that has been placed up to protect these animals, people in their desperation to make a living will break the laws for money. To make it worst, since tourist find some exotic animal souvenirs nice and do not know the harm it brings, the killing does not crease.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Point:   The internet have solved more problems then causing them. One such example is that of convince in talking to others, which is social media. 

Evidence:  Social Media is where internet users connect and communicate through various mediums. Examples of these sites are Facebook, twitter and other multiple social networking sites out there. According to CNET, Facebook has 1.06 billion monthly active users. 

Explanation:   Social Networking sites such as Facebook can be used as a communication medium to communicate to others. As internet connection is now common everywhere, thus making communication much easier via text or voice. 

Linkback:    With the current social networking sites, this would improve telecommunication between people, thus showing that the Internet has solved the problem of inconvenient communication.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Essay Topic: Internet has caused more solutions than problems. - Chen Hao Xian

The increased in convenience and availability of internet to everybody has created more solutions than problems especially in the field of spreading political messages, as the ease of spreading mass information has made it more convenient  and efficient for the political party.

As the internet gets more and more convenient and available to individual from all walks of life, more and more political parties aims to use the internet to spread political messages. With a single click of a button, political message could be easy shared on the internet. With popular social networks getting more and more user, political messages such as a change in a certain policy easily made its way to hundreds of thousands of individual, as user tend to share what they deem important. Any intended messages could easily be spread to thousands of individual in a few second, and this has made it an important tool to spread the intended message. However, in minority cases, the convenience and availability of the internet has also made it a popular tool to spread propaganda message, which it is almost impossible to track down given the massiveness of the internet, which if left unchecked could mislead users.

A good example to illustrate the point is the use of Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook, which are a common source of information-sharing site for users. The ease of use and its popularity has in part, contribute much to its ability to spread messages of any kind to anybody. Its open nature also enable anybody to post on it, thus enable it to spread political messages with rapidly and efficiently to individuals.

As such the increasing access to information on the internet is actually more of a boon than a bane. The availability and convenience of internet has made it extremely easy to spread political message that might have a huge impact on the society, allowing every individual to know of this rapidly. Alternatively, political parties could rely on traditional media such as newspaper to spread the political messages.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Essay Topic: Internet has caused more problems than solutions.

I disagree that the increasing information in the Internet has caused more problems then it has solved. I believe that the increasing information in the Internet has solved more problems than it has caused. One example of a problem solved is convenience and ease of obtaining information.

The number of reports and research papers done by universities and other educational institutes being posted online has increased rapidly. More and more reports are being submitted to websites with the purpose of sharing their work and trying to expand the minds of the general public. This has immensely benefitted students who often need information to complete their school assignments.

One famous but simple website is Wikipedia. This website is currently the website which has the most amount of information in the Internet. It is website whereby netizens can post information that they possess onto the internet. It is true that some of this information is not credible but most of the information are credible and are usually citied at the bottom of the website. With the current trend of the increasing number of devices using the internet it is evident that the obtaining information has taken a new meaning .   

This is one of the reason why I believe that the increasing information in the Internet has solved more problems than it has caused. 

Essay Topic: That increasing access to information on the internet has caused as many problems as it has solved.

The increasing access to information on the internet has created more solutions than problems especially  for governments and other governing bodies, as the convenience of getting information on the internet allows them to easily gain information on the public's views and ideas.

With the development of more powerful communication and sharing tools, more and more individuals have posted their ideas and views online. This is so that they can easily spread and convince people about their ideas. Some individuals also use the internet as a tool to make themselves heard, to allow others to know how they feel. This is evident from the many blogs and personal sharing websites that can be found on the internet. As such, there are many views of people on various issues that can be found on the internet. Some of these views and ideas are substantial and can give governing bodies vital information about the views and ideas of the public. This would allow them to make more informed decisions, taking into consideration these views and ideas. It is true that anyone can post a view or an idea can result in anti-government views or ideas being posted or uploaded. These views and ideas may condemn the government and its policies. However, the condemnation that a government would suffer should die off over time. If the government actively updates and improves its policies, it should maintain a high approval level of the public, negating the effects of these anti-government views. Thus, increasing access to information on the internet has created more solutions than problems for governments and other governing bodies.

A good example to illustrate this point would be discussion or forum boards that can be commonly found on the internet. These discussion or forum boards are web sites in which any member of the public can create an account and post up any views or ideas of their own on any issue. These new posts are called threads. Other members of the public can also add on or oppose these ideas on the same thread, building on the resources that the government can harness to make their policies. Anti-government threads can be created. However there are also often people that dispute these threads, especially if it is clear that the government is constantly improving its policies and makes decisions popular with the people. Thus, these governments can harness the ideas of the public, to create better policies, allowing them to improve their standing with the people and negating the negative side effects of using this technology.

Governments can use the information the public's views provide them to make better policies. This helps the government create a positive image of themselves and stay in power, while the public is satisfied with the policies created and decisions made. Moreover, any anti-government views of the public would be quickly negated through the introduction of newer and better policies, that would cause the public to have a more positive view towards the government. Thus, increasing access to information on the internet has created more solutions than problems for government and governing bodies.

Essay Topic: Internet has caused more solutions than problems. ~ Esther Tiey

The increasing access to information on the internet creates more solutions than problems especially in the entertainment field as it has brought about convenience for the spectators and critics.

The increasing amount of information posted on the internet has revolutionized the entertainment industry. One no longer needs to go to a cinema hall to watch his favorite movie. There are companies offering their services where in movies can just be downloaded or ordered and watch them with a fast internet connection. Likewise music or other important software can be downloaded in a matter of few minutes. There are a number of shareware programs that allows users to share and download their favorite music and videos.

A good example to illustrate this point is the use of Youtube as a source of entertainment and sharing platform for netizens of all ages. The large variety of videos to choose from has made it popular, in part, contributed to the knowledge of netizens. It also has many languages to choose from, allowing people of different cultures and languages to choose a video of their preference.

As such, the increasing access to information on the Internet is actually more of a boon than a bane.

Essay Topic: Internet has caused more problems than solutions.

I disagree that the Internet has caused more problems than it has solved, instead solved more problems than to give more.

Ever since internet was created, it was much more convenient and effective when we needed to find variety of informations. Without internet, many of us would still be going to library just to clarify or obtain informations which is time consuming and troublesome. Books might be reliable information, but there is chance of it being outdated, whereas internet can provide us latest information, as long as the source is reliable. Furthermore, there might be a case when one needs a certain books for information, but it is not available to him or her as it may be rare to find.
Internet also allows us to be connected whenever we want to with our relatives and friends. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, allow us to be updated about what people are doing. It also connects people from far away, so it allows families whose family member is away to oversea can communicate with each other using social media
Today, we can immediately find out news, update of one's friends or relatives or information with just few clicks. It saves one's time and allow one to be able to do more information searching in short amount of time. Social media also help us to update ourselves with news about celebrities, relatives and friends, creating another way to bond with people, even if they are in different countries.

In conclusion,  I believe although there are some problems caused due to creation of internet, but solved more problems than causing problems.

Essay Topic: Internet has caused more problems than solutions. Comment

The increasing access to information on the internet has created more solutions than problems especially in the field of educational research. The ease of obtaining massive information has made information more easily accessible to individuals like students. The information would help them in their research work or studies for exams.

As more and more educational institutions and individuals, post their materials and findings from researches online for the purpose of sharing and collaborative efforts, the amount of information that could be accessed online by public has become  massive. These are popular amongst students for use in their primary research work thus serving its primary purpose of helping students.

A good example to illustrate this point is the use of Google, a search engine for sources of information and references by students, teachers and professors alike. The wide variety of notes, solutions and other research works found that can be found in the search engine inevitably made it the most popular search engine over the years. The varied notes online will definitely help out the students as many research work often had citations to a variety of Internet URL addresses, proving how the Internet has helped them in many areas.

As such, the increasing access to information on the internet allows the internet to have more of pros than cons. With such a big library of accessible knowledge available, its like a heaven for people who are constantly on the quest for knowledge - students. With such a big haven of information, students are able to get what they need for their research works, and extra knowledge for their own to prepare them for the future.

Essay Topic: Internet has caused more problems than solutions. Comment

I do not agree that the Internet has caused more problems than it has solved but in fact, it has solved more problems than it has caused. 

One example of a problem that it has solved is the trouble and hassle of searching for information. In the past, when the Internet was still not created, in order to do research and search for information, the most common way of going about it was to go to the library to find resources. By travelling to the library, that itself takes time, not to mention the amount of time spent going through the hundreds of shelves, looking from row to row, finding the right book for use. Not only was searching for books in shelves tedious, after finding the books, not all information in books were relevant.

Thus, the reader would have to filter the information in the book and find those that were relevant the topic being researched on. Now, thanks to the internet, you just have to go on a web browser and go to a search engine to answer your enquires. Just by typing in a general word or a specific statement, answers from all over the internet would be listed on the search engine, waiting to be read by you. 

Thus, I believe that the internet has solved more problems than it has caused.

More Solutions Than Problems Created By Internet Access

The increased access to information on the internet has indeed created many problems and solutions be it in education, research or business.A noteworthy area where there are more solutions than problems would be research. The increased access to resources and information on the internet has helped many students in the search for their research works or studies.

With an increased access to information on the internet, one gains tremendous amounts of information. With the resources that are available from various sites have a huge outreach due to the ease of accessibility of them. This in turn helps solve many problems due to the fact that almost anyone is allow access to the helpful resources that are located on the internet.

There are many means of searching for information on the internet. Search engines have helped make the access to information so much easier. For example, Google, a well-known and well used search engine, has specific ways it can locate information. There is even a function where it can limit the search to academic papers, to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the information provided. This helps many students find the resources to base their research and studies on and shows how much the increased access to the internet has helped.

Even so, the increased access to the internet does have its negative points, but i believe that its benefits and solutions greatly outweigh them. This increased access, in the hands of the different people, has the chance of being abused. I think that it is just a small minority that does such things which leads me to believe that the increased access to th internet has brought more solutions than problems.

PEEL Paragraph: More Solutions Than Problems Created By Internet Access


The sharp increase in internet access over the last fifteen years has solved more problems than it has created, especially in the international scientific community. The internet has allowed scientists and researchers worldwide to network, share their findings and even collaborate remotely instead of physically. It has made it possible for the aforementioned individuals to access information any time, anywhere, for almost no cost. This means that, in this day and age, scientists and researchers can enhance their projects, experiments and research by using existing data.


These days, many educational institutions, as well as individuals and research organizations, are posting their findings and experimental results online. Many of these publications are available free of charge, and some are even "open source" - i.e., they can be cited and distributed freely. Publications available on the public domain are popular with students, as well as with scientists and researchers, and many are accurate and comprehensive. Collaborative efforts, executed through the use of modern collaboration and networking technologies such as Skype and LinkedIn, have also yielded scientific findings.


One example of the aforementioned is the Open Courseware Consortium, which publishes materials from its partner universities online, free of charge. This program enables students and professionals worldwide to access high-quality publications remotely and instantly. Another example of the ubiquity of scientific data online is the immensely-popular internet search engine, Google, through which individuals can easily find online publications pertaining to a wide range of disciplines.


In conclusion, increasing Internet access has solved more problems than it has created, in my opinion. It has enabled a new generation of scientists and researchers, as well as students, to enhance their projects and research.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Points for Summary (Fit or Fat)

1 mark for each correct point up to 8 marks                                                                [8]

devised a national heavyweight programme called Trim & Fit (TAF),
which focuses on physical activity and proper nutrition.
Health fairs, talks and exhibitions are conducted in schools.
School canteens are discouraged from serving aerated or sweetened drinks.
as well as foods that have high fat, sugar or salt content.
Children are also encouraged to consume fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
Obese students are referred to nutrition clinics.
Parents of obese children have to attend workshops on healthy diets and good eating habits.
In order to encourage parents to look out for their children’s health,
the Ministry of Education has linked a child’s academic performance to his health and weight.
In Hong Kong, health seminars and weight-loss programmes have been implemented in hospitals for obese children.
Obese children are also recommended for courses by their doctors.