Monday, 13 May 2013

Poster analysis - Chen Hao Xian

Image: it shows a picture of a quater build bench. It is not even half conpleted and consist only of two wooden planks and its framework. On the right side of the bench, there is a great orange sign. The bench covers almost fhe entire poster, easily emphasising in its significance. The poster is clearly telling people to save resources otherwise we will regret it later,  the half completed bench already shows that there are not enough resources to make the bnch fully and tell us to conserve them.

Linguistic features: The text use consist of the phrase,  use only what you need. With the company logo found below it. The advertisment main purpose is to publicised ghe company and to also tell viewers to save resources. This message is back by the way the bench is portray.

Textual features: The text is big and bold.

Typography features: The text is bold and has a extremely large font over a orange background. The text color is also white making it very striking in the background. It is exteemely easy to see how important the text as it is heavily emphasise.  Seeing that this poster promotes the company too, the company logo is also portray in the same way albeit smaller

Layout : the bench covering almost the entire poster,  can easily be inferred that the bench is the main subject.

Colour: The white text over the orange background make it easy to see and is heavily emphasise.

Purpose: To tell people to use only what you need to conserve the environment. It also serve to promote the company.

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