Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Visual Text Analysis - Dylaine

The poster shows three small birds at the bottom of the poster with their mouths open, appearing to be hungry. At the top of the poster is a large bird which body is adorned with many flags of countries.

Linguistic Features
In the large bird's beak, there is a string of words saying 'promises are not food'.

Textual Features
In 'promises are not food', it emphasizes that words ('promises') do not necessarily mean action ('food').

Typographical Features
'Promises are not food' is arranged into the shape of a worm, which is supposedly 'food' for the hungry birds. There is also a 'WE CAN END PROVERTY 2015-MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS' text at the bottom right corner of the poster, which refers to a set of goals called the Millennium Development Goals that aim to decrease and possibly get rid of poverty in the world by 2015.

The smaller birds are hungry nations, placed at the bottom of the poster and intentionally sized smaller than the large bird to emphasize their lack of power and strength to obtain food. On the other hand, the larger bird is meant to be the rest of the world, depicted with a huge body and wings, which show its power and mightiness to be able to send food to the hungry nations. However, it does not carry real food for the worms, but a worm-like structure of promises.

The black and white contrast of the poster draws the reader's attention due to its stark contrast.

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