Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sherman's visual text analysis

Image: On a bench , there is a seal lying on it, covered by a newspaper.
This is shown in the exact middle of the picture, with a background of a typical neighborhood.

Linguistic features:  Beside the “homeless seal”. There is a tagline that says “You can help, stop global warming”, it is carved or printed on recycled material. This shows the results of what if global warming were to continue.

Textual features: The text is in capital letters, which enforce the importance of the situation.

Typographical features: A text below says “Animals around  the world are losing their habitats due to climate change. By turning off you TV, stereo and computer when not using them, you can help prevent this. Take action right now.” It also shows a panda, which is the logo for WWF, World Wildlife Fund, an organization that works on issues regarding the conservation of the environment.

Layout: The focus of the advertisement (the seal) is large to intrigue curiosity In the public. When people analyze the advertisements more, they will realize the seal is lying on a bench and covered by a newspaper, like how homeless people live on the streets. This image emphasize on the text at the bottom to “take action right now”

Colour: The background is mainly grey in colour, while the bench is brown. This allows the seal to stick out from the background.
Purpose: The purpose of this advertisement is to educate people that animals are losing their habitats due to human activity and encourage them to practice  preventive measures.
It wants to promote a better living environment for the wildlife on earth.

Audience: The audience could be everyone in the world, as humans and animals share the same home planet.

Context: Animals are losing their habitats at an alarming rate, this advertisement is to ask the audience to take preventive measures immediately before animals lose their habitats.

Culture: Endangering animal life , intentional or otherwise, is not well received by the public, this generates organizations like WWF to alert and warn the people to stop what they are doing as it is impossible to correct their mistakes in the future.

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