Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Yi De's visual text analysis

A lone man(Tom Cruise) walking silently, with a fallen bridge behind him

Linguistic  Features 
On the top of the whole poster, there is a phrase 'Earth is a memory worth fighting for.' It shows what the plot is most likely going to be centered around, and usually people say Earth is a place worth fighting for, but this time they replaced 'place' with 'memory' showing that this movie has more to it than meets the eye.
Textual Features
Tom Cruise is the second largest text, other than the movie name. Tom Cruise is a very very famous actor in America, and having Tom Cruise as the lead for this movie will surely attract a lot of revenue for the movie.
There's also smaller text below the poster that reads 'From the director of Tron:Legacy and producers of 'Rise of the Planet of Apes' which will further attract people to watch the movie.

Typographical Features
The design of the poster is very futuristic and at the bottom of the poster there is a logo, composing of a shield and the word 'UNIVERSAL' The logo refers to the distributor of the movie, it shows that the distributor of the movie distributes all kinds of movies due to the word 'universal'

There is a big bridge behind a lonely man Tom Cruise, showing that he's a lone man, on a lone mission. This layout will further catch people's attention, as it has a very silent and gloomy vibe to it, and emphasizing on how cool Tom Cruise is and will be in the show

The colour is made with gloomy and dark colours to show a very solemn atmosphere and possibly the setting of the movie, with a sunset or sunrise from the right of the poster, meaning that all hope is not lost in this dark setting.

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