Sunday, 24 March 2013

Essay Topic: That increasing access to information on the internet has caused as many problems as it has solved.

The increasing access to information on the internet has created more solutions than problems especially  for governments and other governing bodies, as the convenience of getting information on the internet allows them to easily gain information on the public's views and ideas.

With the development of more powerful communication and sharing tools, more and more individuals have posted their ideas and views online. This is so that they can easily spread and convince people about their ideas. Some individuals also use the internet as a tool to make themselves heard, to allow others to know how they feel. This is evident from the many blogs and personal sharing websites that can be found on the internet. As such, there are many views of people on various issues that can be found on the internet. Some of these views and ideas are substantial and can give governing bodies vital information about the views and ideas of the public. This would allow them to make more informed decisions, taking into consideration these views and ideas. It is true that anyone can post a view or an idea can result in anti-government views or ideas being posted or uploaded. These views and ideas may condemn the government and its policies. However, the condemnation that a government would suffer should die off over time. If the government actively updates and improves its policies, it should maintain a high approval level of the public, negating the effects of these anti-government views. Thus, increasing access to information on the internet has created more solutions than problems for governments and other governing bodies.

A good example to illustrate this point would be discussion or forum boards that can be commonly found on the internet. These discussion or forum boards are web sites in which any member of the public can create an account and post up any views or ideas of their own on any issue. These new posts are called threads. Other members of the public can also add on or oppose these ideas on the same thread, building on the resources that the government can harness to make their policies. Anti-government threads can be created. However there are also often people that dispute these threads, especially if it is clear that the government is constantly improving its policies and makes decisions popular with the people. Thus, these governments can harness the ideas of the public, to create better policies, allowing them to improve their standing with the people and negating the negative side effects of using this technology.

Governments can use the information the public's views provide them to make better policies. This helps the government create a positive image of themselves and stay in power, while the public is satisfied with the policies created and decisions made. Moreover, any anti-government views of the public would be quickly negated through the introduction of newer and better policies, that would cause the public to have a more positive view towards the government. Thus, increasing access to information on the internet has created more solutions than problems for government and governing bodies.

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