Sunday, 24 March 2013

Essay Topic: Internet has caused more problems than solutions. Comment

I do not agree that the Internet has caused more problems than it has solved but in fact, it has solved more problems than it has caused. 

One example of a problem that it has solved is the trouble and hassle of searching for information. In the past, when the Internet was still not created, in order to do research and search for information, the most common way of going about it was to go to the library to find resources. By travelling to the library, that itself takes time, not to mention the amount of time spent going through the hundreds of shelves, looking from row to row, finding the right book for use. Not only was searching for books in shelves tedious, after finding the books, not all information in books were relevant.

Thus, the reader would have to filter the information in the book and find those that were relevant the topic being researched on. Now, thanks to the internet, you just have to go on a web browser and go to a search engine to answer your enquires. Just by typing in a general word or a specific statement, answers from all over the internet would be listed on the search engine, waiting to be read by you. 

Thus, I believe that the internet has solved more problems than it has caused.

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