Sunday, 24 March 2013

Essay Topic: Internet has caused more problems than solutions. Comment

The increasing access to information on the internet has created more solutions than problems especially in the field of educational research. The ease of obtaining massive information has made information more easily accessible to individuals like students. The information would help them in their research work or studies for exams.

As more and more educational institutions and individuals, post their materials and findings from researches online for the purpose of sharing and collaborative efforts, the amount of information that could be accessed online by public has become  massive. These are popular amongst students for use in their primary research work thus serving its primary purpose of helping students.

A good example to illustrate this point is the use of Google, a search engine for sources of information and references by students, teachers and professors alike. The wide variety of notes, solutions and other research works found that can be found in the search engine inevitably made it the most popular search engine over the years. The varied notes online will definitely help out the students as many research work often had citations to a variety of Internet URL addresses, proving how the Internet has helped them in many areas.

As such, the increasing access to information on the internet allows the internet to have more of pros than cons. With such a big library of accessible knowledge available, its like a heaven for people who are constantly on the quest for knowledge - students. With such a big haven of information, students are able to get what they need for their research works, and extra knowledge for their own to prepare them for the future.

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