Monday, 25 March 2013

Essay Topic: Internet has caused more solutions than problems. - Chen Hao Xian

The increased in convenience and availability of internet to everybody has created more solutions than problems especially in the field of spreading political messages, as the ease of spreading mass information has made it more convenient  and efficient for the political party.

As the internet gets more and more convenient and available to individual from all walks of life, more and more political parties aims to use the internet to spread political messages. With a single click of a button, political message could be easy shared on the internet. With popular social networks getting more and more user, political messages such as a change in a certain policy easily made its way to hundreds of thousands of individual, as user tend to share what they deem important. Any intended messages could easily be spread to thousands of individual in a few second, and this has made it an important tool to spread the intended message. However, in minority cases, the convenience and availability of the internet has also made it a popular tool to spread propaganda message, which it is almost impossible to track down given the massiveness of the internet, which if left unchecked could mislead users.

A good example to illustrate the point is the use of Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook, which are a common source of information-sharing site for users. The ease of use and its popularity has in part, contribute much to its ability to spread messages of any kind to anybody. Its open nature also enable anybody to post on it, thus enable it to spread political messages with rapidly and efficiently to individuals.

As such the increasing access to information on the internet is actually more of a boon than a bane. The availability and convenience of internet has made it extremely easy to spread political message that might have a huge impact on the society, allowing every individual to know of this rapidly. Alternatively, political parties could rely on traditional media such as newspaper to spread the political messages.

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