Sunday, 24 March 2013

Essay Topic: Internet has caused more solutions than problems. ~ Esther Tiey

The increasing access to information on the internet creates more solutions than problems especially in the entertainment field as it has brought about convenience for the spectators and critics.

The increasing amount of information posted on the internet has revolutionized the entertainment industry. One no longer needs to go to a cinema hall to watch his favorite movie. There are companies offering their services where in movies can just be downloaded or ordered and watch them with a fast internet connection. Likewise music or other important software can be downloaded in a matter of few minutes. There are a number of shareware programs that allows users to share and download their favorite music and videos.

A good example to illustrate this point is the use of Youtube as a source of entertainment and sharing platform for netizens of all ages. The large variety of videos to choose from has made it popular, in part, contributed to the knowledge of netizens. It also has many languages to choose from, allowing people of different cultures and languages to choose a video of their preference.

As such, the increasing access to information on the Internet is actually more of a boon than a bane.

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