Sunday, 24 March 2013

Essay Topic: Internet has caused more problems than solutions.

I disagree that the Internet has caused more problems than it has solved, instead solved more problems than to give more.

Ever since internet was created, it was much more convenient and effective when we needed to find variety of informations. Without internet, many of us would still be going to library just to clarify or obtain informations which is time consuming and troublesome. Books might be reliable information, but there is chance of it being outdated, whereas internet can provide us latest information, as long as the source is reliable. Furthermore, there might be a case when one needs a certain books for information, but it is not available to him or her as it may be rare to find.
Internet also allows us to be connected whenever we want to with our relatives and friends. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, allow us to be updated about what people are doing. It also connects people from far away, so it allows families whose family member is away to oversea can communicate with each other using social media
Today, we can immediately find out news, update of one's friends or relatives or information with just few clicks. It saves one's time and allow one to be able to do more information searching in short amount of time. Social media also help us to update ourselves with news about celebrities, relatives and friends, creating another way to bond with people, even if they are in different countries.

In conclusion,  I believe although there are some problems caused due to creation of internet, but solved more problems than causing problems.

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