Sunday, 24 March 2013

More Solutions Than Problems Created By Internet Access

The increased access to information on the internet has indeed created many problems and solutions be it in education, research or business.A noteworthy area where there are more solutions than problems would be research. The increased access to resources and information on the internet has helped many students in the search for their research works or studies.

With an increased access to information on the internet, one gains tremendous amounts of information. With the resources that are available from various sites have a huge outreach due to the ease of accessibility of them. This in turn helps solve many problems due to the fact that almost anyone is allow access to the helpful resources that are located on the internet.

There are many means of searching for information on the internet. Search engines have helped make the access to information so much easier. For example, Google, a well-known and well used search engine, has specific ways it can locate information. There is even a function where it can limit the search to academic papers, to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the information provided. This helps many students find the resources to base their research and studies on and shows how much the increased access to the internet has helped.

Even so, the increased access to the internet does have its negative points, but i believe that its benefits and solutions greatly outweigh them. This increased access, in the hands of the different people, has the chance of being abused. I think that it is just a small minority that does such things which leads me to believe that the increased access to th internet has brought more solutions than problems.

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